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2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

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This week at World of Beer - Ft. Worth with PubGuys Trivia we had a great time with smaller team sizes, and a more intimate session with just about 10 players. I'm grateful that the teams that could make it out, did come out, since tonight is Valentine's Day and I can only presume the other teams are having a great time with their significant others. As such this week's summary will be fairly concise, since there were a limited number of teams. I'll still be recognizing the winners, though, as well as the questions that nobody was able to guess. Let's get right to it!

Game 1

For this game we had 10 players and 4 teams, including Fish Tots and Got Here Late, some of our most prominent regulars. We also had JballHawks and Terrific Trio as well, rounding out all the teams this week. For the Themed Round in Game 1 we had the theme I'm Henry VIII, I am, I am, so all the questions that round involved Henrys. Along with that we had a Visual Round, where each team had a visual prompt that gave them a chance at 10 additional points. This week's Visual Guide was Wacky Racers, so the teams had to name each one of the racers from that show. At the end of Game 1 Fish Tots came out ahead with an almost 10 point lead over 2nd place, Terrific Trio. Here's one that almost stumped everyone in Game 1:

  • The 16th President of the United States was assassinated while attending a production of what play?

Most of the teams had something involving a cousin in their title, but not the actual title of the play which, coincidentally, had the word cousin in the title.:

  • Our American Cousin

Game 2

We had the same teams join us for Game 2, so everyone decided they wanted to expand their knowledge even more with PubGuys and, of course, me! The theme for the Themed Round was Caribbean Queen, so the questions/answers involved the Caribbean. Instead of the Visual Round we had the Kitchen Timer Bonus Round, giving teams the chance at nine bonus points at the end of the game. This time the question for that round was: Name the nine MLB and NFL professional sports teams whose team names begin with the letter R. 

Most teams got very close on that one, but almost everyone missed the Rams. Got Here Late surprisingly beat out Fish Tots this game, which is especially notable because Fish Tots is one of our top winning teams! They did come in 2nd place, though, so they left with something during both games. Here's one question that stumped everyone:

  • Who sang the 1974 No. 1 hit, "Kung Fu Fighting"? 

I don't think any team got remotely close to the correct answer, even though I think everyone knows the actual song. Maybe that's why it was worth THREE points! The correct answer was:

  • Carl Douglas

Let's hope the weather is fair next week at World of Beer - Ft Worth, and all of our regular teams can make it once again! If you've never come out before there is no excuse, since it's FREE! In addition I've heard it's some of the hardest trivia in the area, so you definitely have to bring your "BIG BRAIN" with you! There are a number of specials going on on Tuesdays, and there are discounts for their Beer Club members, so you can save a few bucks while working out your noggin'! Until next time!

- Desmond AKA "Thassodar" or D-munny

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Scores for 2023-02-14

Game 1

fish tots
terrific trio
got here late

Game 2

got here late
fish tots
terrific trio