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Top "10 Best Trivia Nights in DFW" - Dallas Observer and CBS Local

Top "10 Best Trivia Nights in DFW" - Dallas Observer and CBS Local

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Wow! Just, wow!
When we first contract to do a gig, we never know how it's going to go. It could be fantastic, it could be horrific. Last night was beyond fantastic! I might go so far as to say it was Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! You lot were the most engaged, most attentive, most fun group of players I have ever had the pleasure of hosting. And, all in a brand new venue for us! Dr. Jeckyll's Beer Lab and you can expect more good things to come!

Talk about an inauguration! That was incredible. Now, let's keep that momentum going and do it again next week!

A hearty shout-out to Daisy and Spooning Leads to Forking both of whom joined us from another location. Thank you!

And a huge thank you to all you new players who believed in me, in us, and came out to play. I hope you had half as much fun as I did. If so, then we were all winners on the night!

Congratulations to Metro Same Sexers who took home the first place prize and to Spooning Leads to Forking who left with a Second Place Gift Certificate in their hands.

Any write-up at this point would be remiss if it didn't mention the incredible Supernatural Cafe and the amazing staff they had working last night to keep everyone in food (NACHOS! FTW!) and Superwoman, Dooley behind the bar! She kept you all loaded with beer and other drinks of all sorts. Thank you, ladies!

Until next week, be good to yourself!



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Scores for 2017-04-03

Game 1

same sexers
spooning leads to forking
new maniacs
the guys who get a few answers right but are mostly here for the drinking
f*** opening day
bukkake is technically a baby shower
trivial knowledge guys