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2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

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Tonight's game was an intimate set with eight teams and lots of first milestones! 

Our trivia rounds received a healthy mix of love and "wtf are you asking me to know" reactions, the players gave it their best shot to win not only a $25 gift card to Siren Rock, but also $5 off their food tabs (per player) if they answered all the questions of a theme round correctly!

If you are wondering if the side prices change each night, the answer is yes! We are all mercenaries, what better way to keep the flame of interest stocked? 


The teams battled it out but quickly off the gate Brewsters took the lead and retain first place throughout, closing the night with 35 points and winning their first game since our Trivia nights started! So proud of them.

Cannonballzz was second with 26 points, with The Jaded Optimists at their heels with 25 points and 2 for Tuesday bringing the rear with 24! 


The night was also punctuated by memorable moments, both Brewsters and Cannonballzz got all 10 points of the Bonus Round! And one of the Brewster's players was incredibly sweet by surprising yours truly with a delicious burger while the entire team yelled that the meal was worth 3 points 1-2-3! No better way to troll your Trivia gal and make the bar explode with laughter. Well played. 


Cannot wait to see what this band of reprobates get up to next week! Come join us for a laugh, good beer, and my charming demeanor. 


Always yours,


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Scores for 2021-09-21

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the jaded optimist
2 for tuesday
guy pa
the bro's
michael scott