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2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

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Last Tuesday's trivia was one of a kind! Prices were flying around and our regulars were happy to see us back, which warms the dark cockles of this girl's heart. 

To start the night off right, Eva and Corey (owners of Siren Rock) decided to gift a $5 gift card to whomever answered our entire theme round correctly. As you can imagine it was a wild ride, with our teams trying their hardest on round two and round five! The team that won on the last themed round was The Charcuterie Boards, with a high score of 10 points, to the groans and ribbing of the crowd. 

Tsthirts also made an appearance, with Dead Zeppelin winning their own after getting the highest score of the Bonus Round!

But the team that took the crowning glory of not only winning our price for the night, $25 gift card to Siren Rock, but also bragging rights and a bit of a salty applause from our crowd, was the dynamic duo Boo Bears, with 42 points. 

We are delighted to be back entertaining the masses while the phenomenal bartenders (looking at you Aaron and Jacqueline) keep us all upbeat and lubricated.


Come to see us next Tuesday at 7pm, same batchannel! 

Always yours,



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Scores for 2021-09-14

Game 1

boo bears
the charcuterie boards
birthday queen
beer pressure
dead zeppelin
the boys are buzzin'
pepe silvia
hit it and quiddich
one fantastic canadian