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2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

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The closing of the month for August found us spending it at Siren Rock for a riveting night of trivia. We had 11 teams join the fracas for some good laughs, preposterous answers, and all around fun. 


Shout-out to Jelly Bitches who not only came back, but also brought a fun team that keep the energy going! And to Dead Zeppelin for always making sure I keep track of what I am doing, they are my unofficial cheerleaders. 


The scoreboard was pretty evenly split but by the fourth round one of the teams took a definitive lead, to the surprise of all their team members, and the winners of the Night- and of the $25 gift card- were none others than Victorian Lake Rats with 47 points. On second place was Free Beer For Everyone with 37 points, on their heels was Guzzlers with 36 points, and closing our top four was Swamp Donkeys with 34 points. 


The best part of getting new people is the wacky and all around hilarious names of their teams, feel free to keep them coming! 


Unbeknownst to PubGuys we took a sabbatical from Siren Rock, but we have been invited to be back next week September 14th! So gather yourselves and bring your carcasses over for an excellent night of trivia!! I hope to see you there :) 


Always yours,




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Scores for 2021-08-31

Game 1

victorian lake rats
free beer for everyone
swamp donkeys
bob's bitches and friends
o'trivia newton john
dead zepplin
jelly bitches
suck it, trebek
trivia newton- john
midnight cookie