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2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

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Brass Tap in Roanoke

Technology is great, except for when it isn't.  When you're trying to get something important done, like say, run a trivia contest, and the wifi just won't cooperate.  Luckily, what technology can take away, even more technology can fix... and we were able to muddle through the first couple of rounds until the problem could be isloated to a faulty cable and swapped out.  Thanks to all of you loyal trivia fans for bearing with me!  We had a packed house on the first day of full capacity, and more than a couple new teams joining the stalwart regulars.  Once all the smoke had cleared, it was Intersection 101 that staged a remarkable come-from-behind surge to take first place, with 33 points... some times it pays to pay attention to God's hands!  Coming in second was the Frisky Kaliskis with 32 points, and in third place was the Stable Geniuses with 31 points.  An amazingly close race all the way to the end!

As I mentioned at the end of the night, I will be away next week, but Terrell will be coming up to cover next Tuesday's show, so you're definitely in good hands.  Enjoy, and I'll see you all the week after.


-Matt the Brewer-


10525 Intersection 101 6 5 1 3 2 0 0 33
1052404 Frisky Kaliskis 7 7 3 1 1 0 0 32
1052393 Stable Geniuses 5 7 3 6 2 0 0 31

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Scores for 2021-03-09

Game 1

intersection 101
frisky kaliskis
stable geniuses
sayonara sarah
no wifi no problem
what about bob
part of intersection 102