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Top "10 Best Trivia Nights in DFW" - Dallas Observer and CBS Local

Top "10 Best Trivia Nights in DFW" - Dallas Observer and CBS Local

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We did it! PubGuys Trivia is back in Dallas, and we are ready to rock! Last night was the very first ever game at Yucatan Taco Stand in Lower Greenville. Being National Taco Day, and Yucatan being a taco joint, I had no idea what I might be walking into. Turns out I'd be walking into a chill, but fun atmosphere. The way Yucatan is set up you have the choice to enjoy some air conditioning inside, or sit out on their large patio to enjoy the beautiful weather. It seems the patio is the popular choice, and last night was no exception.

I started the evening setting up inside, and meeting the really cool staff. As it became apparent that the bulk of my crowd was going to be on the patio, I decided to join them. I'm so glad I did. Hosting a game as good as a PubGuys game, out among the people on the patio and the passers-by, was a really fun way to have a game. We did get a few shouted answers as people walked by, but that wasn't anything that couldn't be handled. We even have a guy from one of the neighboring joints come by to see what was going on. He said he thought a football game was happening. HaHa! 

With three teams on each game, things moved along at a pretty good pace. Almost every question was met with some kind of laughter throughout the games. Our winners were playing for $25 for First and $20 for Second. Here's how it all shook out. B!tches and Hoes came on strong in the first game to get that top prize, and Tater Tots grabbed a close Second. In Game Two it would be Team TBD-Badass, who happened to be on a first date, killed it for First! Team Irene came on like a hurric.... never-mind... I shouldn't... Anyway, they won that great second place prize.

I not going to go into all of the different social media stuff (found at the bottom) right now. If you were there last night you should know all about it. Tell your friends, your family, co-workers, the guy next to you on the train, about this game! I get the feeling that this is the beginning of something beautiful!

Can't wait to see you all next week!



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Scores for 2017-10-04

Game 1

b!tches ands hoes
tater tots
puerto rico

Game 2

team tbd- badass
tater tots