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2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

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We're here once again at DogHaus in the Arlington Highlands with PubGuys trivia! I think we've officially ran out of warm days, especially considering that this week it was a chilly 40 degrees out all day. That doesn't stop the beer from flowing, or the $3 well drinks from being poured, so of course we had to play some trivia! This time we had 5 teams and 25 players out to get their craft beer and delicious food at DogHaus! Each week there's always two games where 1st and 2nd place can $25 or $15 gift cards to DogHaus, respectively. Here's what happens each week!

Game 1

Without fail, each week the Mouseaholics show up with a team 8+ strong to go at it against anyone who wants to play some trivia. Along with them this time we had Team With No Name, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Inappropriately Confident as well. The Theme Round, which is always Round 2, had the theme Isn't life a Marvel (Comics)?, so all the questions and answers that round had a common theme around Marvel characters and comics. There's also a Visual Round worth 10 points, so each team is provided with a visual guide where they have to guess the answers using pictures we print out for them. This week's Visual Round theme was Name The Movie from the Creature, so each image had the picture of a character (for example, Beowulf) and the teams had until the end of Round 3 to turn in their answers. At the end of Game 1 we had Mouseholics in 1st, followed by Inappropriately Confident. Here's a question, part of our Themed Round, that stumped everyone:

  • Debuting on Jimmy Kimmel Live in November 2015, what superhero film's preview logged a reported 61 million views in its first 24 hours?

We had guesses from all across the MCU, but none of them were correct. The correct answer was:

  • Captain America: Civil War

Game 2

We lost Mr. and Mrs. Smith this game, but we still had over 20 players going at it for another chance to win. This game there was no Visual Round, and instead there was a Kitchen Timer Bonus Round. For it, each team is given a time limit at the end of the game for a chance to add 8-10 points to their final score. Similarly to Game 1, Round 2 this time was a Themed Round with the theme Ice, Ice, Baby, so all the questions and answers that round had something to do with ice, or the cold. The question for the Kitchen Timer round was: 

What are the ten countries in the world whose official English spelling only contain four letters?

At the end of Game 2 we had a repeat of winners, with Mouseaholics taking 1st place, followed by Inappropriately Confident in 2nd place. Here's a question that everyone missed, and someone guessed right away:

  • Published in 2018 Lethal White is the fourth novel released by J.K Rowling under what pen name.

Personally I had no idea that J.K Rowling kept writing after the juggernaut that is the Harry Potter franchise. Somehow someone else was in the know, so one team knew it was:

  • Robert Galbraith

That's it for this week at DogHaus in the Arlington Highlands! You're almost guaranteed to have a good time, especially with this colder weather, so be sure to come on out next week for some fun, FREE, trivia! Another thing to remember is that a lot of recipes at DogHaus involve chili, so even if you're not feeling like beef, chicken, or whatever, you can still get some chili to warm up your soul this winter. I'll be having some next week, you should come out as well! Until next time! 

- Desmond AKA "Thassodar" or D-munny


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Scores for 2022-11-16

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Game 2

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