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Top "10 Best Trivia Nights in DFW" - Dallas Observer and CBS Local

Top "10 Best Trivia Nights in DFW" - Dallas Observer and CBS Local

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Yall, this week was a little rough. Parking was impossible because of a tree lighting, our theme rounds were repeats...stuff happened. But we rallied and had a great time anyway! Nothing can hold us back...

We had an unusal number of questions that no one had an answe to...or a correct one at least. Even more questions only had one or two teams give me the answer. Let's not make this a trend. I like the competition! At the end of the day, an insane knowledge of classic pop culture propelled I Dream of Trivia to take the win! Pub Flies put up a very solid fight to take second place! Proud of you little nuggets.

Hopefully next week will be heaps smoother and we can get back to our regular programing. Next week for your extra point, let me know your favorite thing to find in your Christmas stocking!

May the force be with you,


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Scores for 2017-11-28

Game 1

i dream of trivia
pub flies
austin-23 years, 0 wins
suck it, trebek
hamilton hoodlums
lucky #7