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Top "10 Best Trivia Nights in DFW" - Dallas Observer and CBS Local

Top "10 Best Trivia Nights in DFW" - Dallas Observer and CBS Local

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Hello, my sweet little trivia babies. It was another action packed game of trivia at University Pub! I get so pumped to hang out with you guys every Tuesday and learn the most things. 

The crowd was small...but feisty. The few people that showed up for each team were there to uphold the entire teams honor! The fights were valiant and the scores were damn close, everyone should be proud. I think we collectively decided it was a damn hard game this week...with our winning team only scoring 37 points! That titles, of course, goes to I Dream of Trivia! This is the second week in a row they have shown up to do business! Also for the second week in a row, Suck it, Trebek! has taken second place! Way to step it up, guys.

For this weeks bonus point...please...tell me your most highly anticipated dish for Thanksgiving!

May the force be with you,


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Scores for 2017-11-14

Game 1

solo roberto
suck it, trebek
pub wizards
pub flies