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2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

2019 Readers Choice for Best Trivia Night - Fort Worth Weekly

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Once again, Dan the Relief Pitcher, the Substitute, whatever, subbed for Brett. We were worried that we may not have enough teams to play but right at 6:25, people came pouring in and the beer pouring began. We had 6 teams starting the night - Friends of Snap, That Team Upstairs, Whatever, Playing at a Lacy Pace, Northbeach, and the bar staff played under You're Never Drinking Alone When You're Pregnant.

Whatever and Friends of Snap were tied through the first three rounds. As usual, I was adequately fueled by the delicious Octoberfest on tap. Bonus questions were awarded each round, including one for guessing the year of the songs played during that round. I even included as recent as 1992 (ok, I now realize that is still 30 years old) to not show my bias for older songs. Other years were 1983, 1976 and 1965. Most of these were booed out except 1965 when I gave the hint that it was the year Dylan went electric. I'll work on better bonus questions next time.

Friends of Snap pulled away at the end for the victory, with Whatever hanging in second. It was a good night with a festive crowd, good music, good drinks, and an excellent bar staff. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon when the weather cools off.


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Scores for 2022-09-19

Game 1

friends of snap
playing at a lacy pace
north beach
you're never drinking when you're pregnant
the team upstairs